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All the Way

October 7-29, 2017


Tony Award-Winning Broadway Play

 By Robert Schenkkan

 Directed by Ron Peluso

 with Pearce Bunting as LBJ, Shawn Hamilton as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Andrew Wheeler as Hubert H. Humphrey

1963. The day that JFK was assassinated in Dallas, Lyndon Baynes Johnson (LBJ) became the 37th President of the United States. The country was in shock and yet the business of the nation continued. The top priority was the Civil Rights Act, and in this Tony Award-winning Broadway play, LBJ, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Minnesota’s Hubert H. Humphrey take on a Congress divided on this hot button matter of policy. The KKK bombed black churches, Freedom Riders disappeared into the night, George Wallace held a tight grip on Alabama, and Bobby Kennedy posed a challenge to LBJ in the coming election and tensions ran high. READ MORE

 “With cinematic sweep with an eye toward teasing out our parallels to our current gridlock.  Schenkkan traces the first year of  LBJ’s presidency.”  – Entertainment Weekly

 “…jaw dropping political drama.” – Variety



Coco's Diary - A Christmas Gift to Remember

Nov 25-Dec 23, 2017

Adapted for the stage by Ron Peluso and Bob Beverage

Directed by Ron Peluso  

with Andrea Wollenberg, Jake Endres, and Dora Dolphin & Arden Michalec as young Coco Irvine

1927. Clotilde “Coco” Irvine, was given a diary for Christmas in which she faithfully chronicles the ups and downs of her rollercoaster year. She pens, “This is to be my most private account of everything that happens to me. No one must read further under pain of death! A curse shall befall any who disregard this warning! Everything is quite different in my life because of boys! Coco is a bright, adventurous, wickedly funny heroine who is constantly in a fix at home and school “through no fault of my own!”  This wonderful History Theatre revival features some of the greatest songs of the 1920s.  It’s a charming, funny and delightful entertainment for the entire family.  READ MORE

“The diary of young Coco Irvine dances off the page in this charming piece of entertainment.”  – Graydon Royce, Star Tribune



A Crack in the Sky

February 10-March 4, 2018

From Somalia to the U.S.A. 

World Premiere Drama

By Harrison David Rivers and Ahmed Ismail Yusuf

Directed by Faye Price

1984.  A young shepherd boy stands in front of his mother to tell her of the decision he has made in the night. He has had enough of the nomadic life, of herding goats and sheep, and is leaving to seek out a better life. With that, he sets off on an adventure that takes him on the road less traveled from Somalia to Minnesota. It’s the epic tale of Ahmed Ismail Yusuf who, inspired by Maya Angelou, discovers the power of the written word. READ MORE



Dance 'Til You Drop

March 24 - April 15, 2018

A Dance Theater Experience

World Premiere

Book by Carson Kreitzer

Choreography by Regina Peluso

Directed by Anya Kremenetsky

Musical direction by Doug Rohde

Created in collaboration with Collide Theatrical Dance Company

1933. The Stock Market Crash of 1929 left thousands of people out in the cold. These were desperate times that called for desperate measures - hence, the rise of the dance marathon fad!  Here in Minneapolis, Callum deVillier and Vonnie Kuchinski won’t stop until they set a World Record and go home with the prize money.  After all, how hard could it be to dance for a few hours... days... weeks… months?  This electrifying new work will explore the psychology of the dance marathons - what motivated people to participate in this crazy endeavor?  What drew in the spectators? How far can we push the human body and spirit? READ MORE



Lord Gordon Gordon

May 5-June 3, 2018

World Premiere

book by Jeffrey Hatcher 

music & lyrics by Chan Poling

musical arrangements by Robert Elhai

directed by Ron Peluso

choreography by Tamara Kangas Erickson

musical direction by Andrew Fleser

1871. An imposter going by the name of Lord Gordon Gordon wanders into Minnesota and causes such a stir that he nearly ignites a war with Canada.  A fake. A fraud. A snake-charmer. This con-artist would dazzle and swindle his way into the hearts and wallets of some very well-to-do Minnesotans and then take them on a journey as twistedly bizarre as Glensheen. Hold on tight and take this wacky, wickedly funny, and musically smart journey through the exploits of Lord, “Oh, Lordy!” Gordon Gordon!  READ MORE

From the creators of Glensheen!



2017-18 Season Passes Now Available ONLINE

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