Groups of 10+

History Theatre provides groups of all shapes, sizes, and ages with a theatre experience that goes beyond just a discounted ticket price.
Discounted rates are available for adult groups of 10 or more.

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Buying tickets for your group

Adult Groups

Who can buy adult group tickets?
Red Hats, Church communities, Senior Residences/Activity programs, Employee/Office groups, Bank clubs, Tours, Neighborhood clubs, Concierges, Families, Friends...
As long as there 10 or more, you can buy tickets at the group rate!

Student Groups

History Theatre provides education groups (grades 4-12 and college) with a unique opportunity to explore history, social issues, and professional contemporary theatre through engaging live performances and educational resources. Our artists bring the stories to life on our stage and our staff provides the supporting materials that help educators bring the connections to life in the classroom.

Who can buy student group tickets?
Middle Schools, High Schools, College classes, Home Schools*

Group Rate for Tickets

All Student Groups / All Shows:

  • Students, all tickets: $10

Weekday matinees:

  • Adult Groups: $25

Evenings and Weekends:

  • Performances of Lord Gordon Gordon, All the Way, Coco's Diary
    Tier 1: $36 
    Tier 2: $31 
    Tier 3 or 4: $25
  • Performances of A Crack in the Sky, Dance 'Til Your Drop
    Tier 1: $31
    Tier 2: $26 
    Tier 3: $20

*Home School Groups do not need to have a minimum of 10 tickets per order in order to get the discounted student price.


History Theatre offers a variety of complimentary services to make performances accessible to all patrons.
When ordering tickets for your group, please indicate any special needs that your students may have.

Accessibility at History Theatre



For more information about discounts and event opportunities for your group, contact:
Craig Cerrat0, Group Sales Manager
Phone: 651.292.4320

Resources for Groups

Arriving by bus

History Theatre has a loading and unloading procedures to make your arrival and departure by bus easy.
Groups arriving by bus will load and unload on Wabasha Street between 10th and Exchange Streets.
This is only a drop off zone; do not block the public bus stop at anytime.

History_Theatre_Bus_Parking_Directions.pdf (PDF)

Group Dining

History Theatre is located in downtown St. Paul with many fantastic restaurants and fast-food options available for nearby for adult and student groups.

nearby dining options

Learning Resources

Play Guides
History Theatre provides detailed Play Guides with background information about the stories that are brought to life on our stage, along with activities and discussion points to deepen the experience for each of our patrons.

Play Guides for the current season

All History Theatre productions meet Minnesota Academic Standards for Social Studies, Language Arts (integrating knowledge and ideas) and Theatre (responding to or critiquing a variety of creations or performances using the artistic foundations).

MN Academic Standards Addressed in Each Production.pdf (PDF)


Theatre Etiquette
Educators are invited to use this document to prepare students for their visit to a live performance.

Theatre Etiquette Guide (PDF)


Group Sales Policies